Contact works hard to provide information and experience that can help you mentally and physically as you contemplate and decide on knee replacement surgery.  I neither promote nor discourage the surgery, rather, I share the pro’s and con’s of my surgery, helpful tips, and considerations, as well as exercises, activities, and products that helped me have a successful surgery and quick recovery.

The information provides is not medical advice nor should it be taken as medical advice.  Speak with your doctor about preparation, recovery, supplements, exercise, and gear before purchasing and before using.

I worked hard to ensure my mind and body were prepared for surgery, and although it was challenging, I improved quickly and feel better than ever.  I was hesitant to go through with surgery but I’m glad I did.

I used to communicate with readers through the comment section under each article, but I can no longer keep up.

I receive a number of emails and have trouble responding to them all. Media and other inquiries can reach me at mykneereplacementrecovery (at) gmail (dot) com

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Note:  I am not a medical professional and although I can empathize with your situation, I will never respond to an email for medical advice.